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Level 1 (Class 1)

It is for a knife to be plunged deep into the apple so that it is split open and the core is exposed to the light

—to the same light, that is, as the surface skin.

                          Yukio Mishima, Sun and Steel



I am writing the third Gospel, with my left hand. Because this is destined never to see the light

—just as the owl is condemned to know only the night, and if ever it ventures out at high noon to sit on the roof of the man I thought I loved,

it is sure to turn into quite laughable dust.

                         Danielle Sarrera, "The Knight of Trepan"


Upon purchase, the cloth veiling the head will be removed and immediately replicate the face beneath.

This unique relic will be delivered in propria persona.






Level 2 (Class 1) - Honor Levy

$200 A Pair - Each Unique - 1 Per Devotee*

*Unless he can present a valid marriage licence proving Mrs. Levy no longer lives in sin.

Honor Levy’s legs are chopped opulence. Fissured Realism. PFP morte, flowering seraphim and cherubim. As that is the case, they’re orbiting. Just like after the Fourth Crusade when saints arms, heads and hearts marched West to new frontiers. But no souls, that part comes later, at the end.

In between now and then, there are some contractual matters to lay down.

1.) Due to supply constraints, each client is restricted to one pair of legs unless he can present a certified marriage license proving Mrs. Levy no longer lives in sin.

2.) While the legs are contactually in the purchaser’s custody, the point of caring for and venerating them is to let them do their thing, i.e., perform miracles and emanate. Do not seal the back panels fast, leave the lids askew, and never use locks.You want the legs to sneak out, I repeat.

3.) There would be no reimbursement if the legs leave and do not return.

4.) Perfection is the return of the night sky.










Level 3 - Barrett Avner

$35 a Wig - 3 of Each (ethically harvested)

White - Shadows - Black Grey - Silver

Ex Capillis of Barrett Avner preserved in the salt from the Pacific breeze and cured in the sun - White

Prevents the bearer from wigging out.

Ex Capillis of Barrett Avner preserved in the salt from the Pacific breeze and cured in the sun - Shadows

Prevents the bearer from wigging out.

Ex Capillis of Barrett Avner preserved in the salt from the Pacific breeze and cured in the sun - Black Grey

Prevents the bearer from wigging out.

Ex Capillis of Barrett Avner preserved in the salt from the Pacific breeze and cured in the sun - Silver

Prevents the bearer from wigging out.

Level 4 - Paul (from Bible) (Class 1)

$50 / Shadow Monistary (8 realms)


With theadora’s assistance, paul (from bible) mortified his flesh such that Shadow Monasteries could rise.

It is said that by following the sandworm’s journey with the left eye, a cipher of pure light erases ancient memory, as would a palimpsest prior wrong writings.


Level 5 - Sophia Vanderbilt (Class 2)

$30 per Divination - 12 (1 4 ea. month)

Spotting Divination

It was rumored that when Saint Agatha had her breasts torn off, she remarked, “that the duality of this however is that the ugliness only serves to highlight beauty further.” There is a specific array to the angel kisses forming on sophia vanderbilt’s face: haruspicy. Use this gentle visage for divination. Kill a sheep and drape the liver crosswise, match points with folds, her demarcation may spell your relief.


Level 6 - Sierra Armor (Class 1)

$202.0 - Obviously 2 (sets of 9)

https://loopring.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/QmagrwsbC4QRPpdbf2HJ51BmyJ31hKVX4Xpjm2YaGTfAdQ/SA1.png 9 Quirked Up Shawty
Marble Eyes of Sierra Armor






Repels the malefic gaze


Level 7 - Walter Pearce (Class 2)

$20 a Rug - some shirts have 10 sleeves

  • Walter Pearce`s undead livery chopped and served on an Unia Pakhomova rug.
  • Keep the token near in turbulent times to to ride a calm vibe among otherwise chaotic personalities.

Level 8 - Dean Kissick - FREE! (Class 3)


Black Dean Kissick Milady autographed polaroid.


Said to endow the holder with the ability to serve as a medium, like Joseph Smith with the Angel Moroni. Consider what you have before you as the seer stone for translating nothing into something.


Level 9 - Wretched Worm (Class 2)

None available :'(

The wretched worm's talisman for naming.


Of all the fishes in the sea
our Lord chose the lowly sailcat
to remind us of his misery.

The wretched worm’s talisman for naming.

The story goes that worms catch fish and they die together, the worm in the belly of the fish and the fish with his head on someone’s plate. Then there was a man who died and his death resembled the skull of a fish. Then there was a man who in phrase wanted to be cradled in the arms of a resemblance and an inanimate worm who wanted to be named after a man who died craving resemblance. He took a humble bite for levity and was served upstanding. That’s the way the story goes.

Upon these shells names wash up.